NAK Aromas Colour Pack

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There are so many hair colour products on the market and sometimes it's really hard to choose the right one for your hair. Coloured hair needs targeted care and quality nutrients to replenish its chemically processed structure. To maintain your hair healthy, shiny and prevent dryness, Nak designed an innovative range of products aimed at healing and sealing your hair's cuticles while prolonging the colour's vibrancy. Nak Aromas pack for coloured hair includes:


Nak Aromas Oil 100ml

Nak Aromas Shampoo with Argan Oil 250ml

Nak Aromas Conditioner with Argan Oil 250ml


The Moroccan Argan Oil contained in Nak shampoo and conditioner penetrates your hair's surface and works on restructuring and nourishing from roots all the way to the ends. The highly beneficial properties of this oil brings back life into coarse, dry and coloured hair while strenghtening its natural defenses. Nak Aromas Oil spray is the finishing touch that transforms your hair building shine, increasing softness and controlling fly aways for perfect definition.

NAK Aromas Colour Pack

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