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GKMBJ offers products to sadisfy a wide array of consumers' demands and needs. New on the market, GKBJ's mission is to deliver highly innovative products aimed at treating hair for a healthier and cared for look. Tested by professional hair dressers, GKMBJ's shampoos, colorants, conditioning treatment and trichological products contain high quality ingredients for optimal performance and results.


With GKMBJ your hair finds new life for a healthy appereance.

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GKMBJ Cuticle Repairing Serum 50ml
RRP Price: $
BHD Price: $15.45
GKMBJ Directional Moulding Clay 50g
RRP Price: $
BHD Price: $15.46
GKMBJ Gel Wax 85g
RRP Price: $
BHD Price: $14.96
GKMBJ Gloss Styling Gel 280ml
RRP Price: $
BHD Price: $15.46