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Have you ever noticed those gorgeous cover blondes and brunettes rocking a perfectly flawless messy beach look all year long? Well this year messy beach hair is a must whether for your daily social life or wild night parties and dinners. The best part is that such a 'do is so low maintenance that you will be making a statement of style without having to check yourself in the mirror every 5 minutes just to see if your locks are in place.


Now, if you thought that  heavenly messy hair is something only celebs manage to miraculously achieve while at the beach or even on a night out, you were so wrong. We tested just the right products by Australia's best haircare brand De Lorenzo that will get you luscious tousle tresses in less than 30 minutes.


Start off with De Lorenzo Accentu8 Shampoo. It has a light formula that cleanses your hair for a fresh feel without weighing it down. Skip conditioning your hair unless you have very dry or coarse locks in the first place. When creating a messy look, avoiding conditioning will get your hair to turn wavy more easily. Don't worry, the products we have up our sleeves still contain hydrating formulas to safeguard your hair's health. Here comes the trade secret: salt! De Lorenzo's Ocean Mist salt spray does the job for all types of hair accentuating natural waves instantly without leaving any residues or stickiness. Blow dry your hair without combing it all but using your fingers to separate tresses. Once you're done, use De Lorenzo Elements Sand Storm, a dust sculpting spray that will add fullness to your hair while keeping it frizz-free and flawlessly messy all throughout the day. We promise.


The best part is that all De Lorenzo products contain certified organic fair trade ingredients and protection against sun damage giving you that extra value for a steal price. And a hairstyle ride back to summer, all year long!